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Inomed C2

CoreMed ENT Consumables (click to download) Includes Spiggle & Theis single use micro suction tubes & frazier suckers, ENT patties, thermoplastic & silicone nasal splints, bandages, ventilation tubes, nasal packing, Medisal gag covers, blue silicone precut folios for otology

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PANETTI  Endoscopic Suction Dissection Otology Instruments and NEW 3mm HD autoclavable endoscopes, 11cm and 14cm length now available

TUBAVENT® ET CATHETER (BET) NEW for the treatment of Eustachian Tube dysfunction. Please download brochure for more info or click here for the patient flyerTubavent video

TUBACLEAN® NEW- Probe and flushing catheter for the Eustachian Tube

INSTRUMENTS for Sinus, Rhinology, Otology, Larynx, Oral Cavity including full rigid endoscope range

PLATINUM EYELID WEIGHT - eyelid implant for treatment of facial paralysis

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Facial & Thyroid Nerve Monitoring