Spiggle & Theis

Inomed C2

CoreMed ENT Consumables (click to download)

SPIGGLE & THEIS   (click product name to download flyer)

PANETTI  Endoscopic Suction Dissection Otology Instruments and NEW 3mm HD autoclavable endoscopes, 11cm and 14cm length now available

TUBACLEAN® NEW- Probe and flushing catheter for the Eustachian Tube

TUBAVENT® ET CATHETER (BET) NEW for the treatment of Eustachian Tube dysfunction. Please download brochure for more info or click here for the patient flyerTubavent video

INSTRUMENTS for Sinus, Rhinology, Otology, Larynx, Oral Cavity including full rigid endoscope range

PLATINUM EYELID WEIGHT - eyelid implant for treatment of facial paralysis



Facial & Thyroid Nerve Monitoring